CUBIC Outdoor Kitchen


Our CUBIC outdoor kitchen is made for outdoors. High-quality materials and many years of know-how guarantee the durability of the outdoor kitchen outdoors. All elements of the outdoor kitchen can be used all year round. Due to order-specific production and a modular design concept, the CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN is made to fit extraordinary wishes. There are no limits set to your individual vision and ideas. The carcass of the kitchen consists of our robust, weatherproof CUBIC material and is varnished in your chosen colour. For a more natural look, the kitchen can be covered by wooden slats. In this case, you might want to choose a special wood such as larch, sipo mahogany or our long-lasting Lignum-T. Let yourself be inspired and create your CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN individually. We are happy to help you at every step of the planning process - from on-site measurement to the choice of the perfect matching countertop.

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Each CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN is unique – none looks like the other. But you have to start at some point. First of all, we use our special weatherproof CUBIC material, which forms the carcass of the outdoor kitchen. This carcass can be varnished in every colour you wish for. For orientation, we offer 10 standard colours. Additionally, we cover the CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN with wooden slats for a more natural look. Here you can choose from larch, sipo mahogany or our heat-treated Lignum-T, which are perfectly suitable for outdoor use.
Also, the choice of the right location is key: Where should your CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN be located? What is the surface like? What shape should the kitchen be? Will it stand against a wall or is it freely accessible from all sides? The right location for an outdoor kitchen depends on your needs and preferences. Perhaps you prefer a freestanding kitchen in the middle of nature. Or you may prefer to grill directly on the terrace to benefit from short distances. We will be happy to advise you and to find the optimal design compatible to your outdoor area.

CUBIC Outdoor Kitchen


Outdoors like indoors. 365 days of the year. Rain, storm, snow, salt, sand or sun. The CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN resists every weather condition. Thanks to decades of experience and further development, our products are optimally designed for durability and resilience. Thereby the CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN does not need any roofing and all of your kitchen utensils will be stored safely in drawers and storage spaces. Thanks to our experience, we can guarantee the durability and weather resistance of all our outdoor furniture and used materials.

CUBIC Outdoor Kitchen


Only the best is good enough for us and our customers. We only use high-quality materials such as stainless steel or ceramics. Our outdoor kitchens can therefore be used all year round without any roofing outside and without any restrictions. Also with the built-in appliances, from grill and stove to refrigerator and sink, we rely exclusively on high-quality brand products. All of the worktops we use, whether made of ceramic or natural stone, have proven themselves in outdoor use. What else makes our CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN so unique? Storage space! Dry and tight all year round, whether as a drawer or cupboard - so your barbecue utensils in the outdoor kitchen remain just as clean as in the indoor kitchen.

CUBIC Outdoor Kitchen

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